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Redder Games is a Finnish video game company. It was founded by Niilo Hanni in 2021. Currently, it’s developing a roguelike-game called Shifter.

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Shifter game


Shifter is a game currently in development. It’s a roguelite and a soulslike game where you can shift gravity. It will also have an online co-op mode!

Shifter is set in a world, where everyone has a microchip attached to their brain, allowing brains to be hacked, even during sleep….

Shifter is a rogue-lite game with a gravity-shifting mechanic. It has 3 different main areas. The game contains unique boss fights. You can use different weapons such as swords, scythes, and shotguns to escape your dream, which has been hacked and turned into a twisted game by a hacker.

When is Shifter coming out? In 2023.

Watch trailer for Shifter here!
First trailer!


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